Obamacare[1]Well, here we go again.  This is round 14 or 15.  Every day brings new messes that must be cleaned up.  So much going on, I don’t know where to start.  Let’s get to it.

The start date for the sign up began on October 1.  As everyone is aware, the software was nowhere near ready.  As of today, it still doesn’t work very well.  We are told it will not be corrected until the end of the month.  I have a couple of problems with this.  First, why is the program trying to run when it contains errors?  Second, the software supposedly does not have any protections against hackers who can easily steal personal information.  Why would the Government continue to leave the program up and running when the security of the site is so poor?  But I have a little surprise for you, the real problem is not the software, but the program behind the software.

The Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare, is loaded with problems.  When fully implemented, up to 90% of those who had insurance before ObamaCare began will lose their coverage.  The Government has decided what we require in our health care.  For example, an 83-year-old widower, needs maturity and birth control coverage.  He also needs abortion coverage.  Anything less, and he has a “substandard” plan.  The government has decided the insurance industry was taking advantage of this guy by selling him a policy that didn’t include this stuff.  Of course, he has to pay for these important items.

Obama has heard the cry of disdain for his program.  With all the cancelled policies of “substandard” insurance, he knows the Democrats will be routed at the polls next year.  With the possibility of Republicans controlling both houses of Congress after the 2014 elections, he knows the investigations of the various scandals will intensify.  So, he did what he must to give the Democrats cover.  He said he will allow the people to keep their policies for another year (Just past the 2014 elections.)

There are several problems with this approach.  First, the insurance industry has already cancelled these policies.  They see an opportunity to upgrade the individual market providing them with higher profits.  At this point, it will be costly to recreate the old policies for only one year.  Second, states control the insurance industry within their borders.  These policies were cancelled by federal law.  The states must agree to accept these “substandard” policies.  The time limit is very short to have these policies in place by January 1, 2014.  Just the mechanics to do this is pretty substantial.

Obama is allowing these policies to extend another year for politics, not the people.  If he was concerned about people, he would extend them permanently, not just a year.  Obama knows most will be forced into the pool.  If most escape the pool, then he will not have enough people to fund the sick and poor.  The real reason for the program is income redistribution, and nothing else.  Obama needs for the young, healthy workers who don’t qualify for the subsidies to sign up with the government program in mass to pay the costs of the sick and poor.  That’s the only way the program has a chance of working without bankrupting the nation.

Another problem is that Obama thinks he has the right to change laws passed by Congress.  Obama has no knowledge of Article II of the Constitution.  He doesn’t recognise the limits our Constitution places on Federal Officials.  He acts as though Congress is there only to advise him.  Obama’s speech directing the insurance industry to write substandard policies carries no authority to do so.


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