IRAN-POLITICS-ROWHANIThe U.S. is about to sign one of those Geneva treaties that fixes all the worlds problems.  This time the agreement is with Iran.  Negotiating for our side is the United States, Britain, Germany, France, China and Russia. The group is called P5-plus-1.  We agree to lift some of the sanctions against Iran in exchange for Iran to stop making high-grade uranium for their nuclear program.  Iran is believed to have enough, or nearly enough, nuclear material to make a crude nuclear device in a few months.  Iran still does not have a delivery system of a nuclear bomb but the goal is to make sure Iran does not become a nuclear nation.  Russia has been supplying Iran with material and technical assistance.

The talks were started after Hassan Rouhani, in August became Iran’s new president.  He has a reputation of smiling and negotiating while in the background Iran continued to advance their programs.  Iran broke off the talks, because they thought our position could negotiated more in their favor.  I expect the negotiations to begin again in a few days.  France, of all people, are the ones that who demanded a hard-line.  They refused to accept the concessions the U.S. was offering.  John Kerry, who is negotiating for the U.S., is projecting a position of toughness here at home while trying to give away the store in Geneva.  The members negotiating against Iran include Russia, who is supplying Iran with nuclear expertise, Great Britain, Germany and France, who have contracts with Iran’s neighbors, and China, who is supplying weapons to Iran.  And , of course, the U.S. who want peace at any cost.

The U.S. is willing to release Iran’s assets from foreign soil.  By releasing Iran’s funds from foreign banks would allow the country to partly relieve their population of the heavy suffering the sanctions have caused.  This would allow the talks to continue to reach a long-term agreement that ends Iran’s weapons program.  The agreement would last up to 6 months.  Iran would probably use the funds to continue their nuclear program and to update their military.

Israel and Saudi Arabia are very suspect of the agreement.  Iran has declared Israel to be an illegal state that should be wiped off the face of the earth.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel does not favor a partial agreement.  His nations survival is dependant on Iran not becoming a nuclear nation.  He is frustrated a partial agreement would allow Iran to cross the threshold to become a nuclear nation.  As long as talks are underway, he can not strike and remove Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Saudi Arabia has been worried about Iran exporting violence all through the Middle East and Northern Africa.  The radical Muslim groups have been funded and supplied with weapons from Iran.  Saudi Arabia has been relatively free from the Muslim violence experienced in some of the neighboring states.  They want to keep it that way.  Saudi Arabia has been quietly cheering us on in our war against the radical Muslims.  They don’t want the instability at home.

The United States wants the talks to continue to stop Israel from taking military action against Iran.  The Obama Administration has in the past released classified information about Israel’s military plans to stop Iran.  Obama has shown in the past he is no friend of Israel.  His disdain for the Jewish state are well documented.

France has been the one nation of the group to demand stronger concessions from Iran.  Who would have thought that France would be the nation with the most backbone.  Just another example of how America is no longer the leader of the free world.


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