President%20Barack%20Obama-PRN-100263[1]I’ve taken a week or so off from writing.  Sometimes it is necessary to step back, recharge the batteries and clear the cobwebs to keep a fresh outlook on things.  I was tempted to write when current events warranted, but I refrained from sitting down and doing my regular rants.  Now I need to get back to it.

ObamaCare has rolled out just like so many on the right suspected, but I still think most people are missing the big picture.  The real problem with the Affordable Care Act is not the website.  The real problem is the law and regulations that are still being written.  Obama has tried to reduce the negative impact of the law by giving exemptions to his friends.  The rest of us have to suffer through.  After the initial shock, anger, and frustration wears off on us, the exemptions will cease and a new group of disappointed people will surface.  The old media will show their fangs when their healthcare policy’s are restructured when the big business exemptions run out.

The real purpose of ObamaCare is not to provide better healthcare for America.  The real purpose to take federal control of 1/6 of the U. S. economy.  Obama’s goal is to destroy capitalism, and he is succeeding better than even he imagined.

Obama wants the United States to be one nation among many.  Our days as a world leader are over.  He is leaving that role to others.  He’s a member of the “new world order” crowd.  Obama pictures the United Nations as the world leader.  His disdain for America shows every day.

Obama’s attacks on the Constitution is making a mockery of the document.  His attacks on freedom of religion, well, really his attack on Christians, his attack on gun ownership by the population, his attack on freedom of speech, using the Federal agencies (I.R.S., E.P.A., and all the alphabet agencies) to attack his critics.  If all else fails, he uses Executive Orders to bypass Congress.

I get a lot of blogs through my email account.  I have been having problems verifying the info they are sending out.  When I research their “facts,” I find more often than not that they are not true.  Sometimes I’ll spend hours trying to verify their major points and find it’s all BS.  Sometimes it’s real frustrating because I really want to write the story.  I usually have three or more sources for what I write.  If I can’t verify the truthfulness, I don’t write it.  This causes me to have a lot of false starts.  No matter how much I want something to be true, if I can’t verify it, it doesn’t go out.

Finally, Obama is now being seen as someone who is not trustworthy.  His lies about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, ObamaCare, IRS scandal, and on and on, have destroyed any chance he might have had for a successful second term.  It is torturous to watch Jay Carney do his daily imitation of “Bagdad Bob.”  The creditability of the Administration will never recover.

Well, those are some random thoughts I have had over the past few weeks.  I’m ready to get back to it.


One response to “RANDOM THOUGHTS

  1. I know what it’s like to have to verify sources — it can take a lot of time. Sometimes it’s easier to try to “disprove” a fact. For example, if you read something that says “Obama boxed a kangaroo on Sunday and lost” you can search on Google something like “Obama kangaroo lie” or “Obama kangaroo fight not true” etc. Sometimes Snopes.com can help out too, but usually stories have to gain some traction before they’re proved or disproved on that site.

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