White_House_staff_meeting_in_the_Oval_Office[1]This Administration is different from those that came before.  There are many differences, and I don’t think they’re good.  Obama has abandoned the typical governing style and rules by Executive Order rather than spending any time away from the golf course or meeting with Congress.

Let’s look at the highlights of the first five years of Obama’s reign.

FAST AND FURIOUS – Obama said he had no knowledge of the operation run by Attorney General Eric Holder.  although the men met in the White House several times a day, somehow selling guns to Mexican drug lords never came up.  Obama never knew anything about it until he was quizzed by the media.  Obama said Attorney General Holder would investigate to find the truth.  The incident was closed when Obama used Executive Privlege to stop Holder from releasing information to Congress.

BENGHAZI – We still don’t know what the President was doing the night of the attack.  We know he left the next morning to go to a fundraiser in Las Vegas.  Testimony before Congress showed no one communicated with the President during the attack, even though the attack went on for hours.  Obama said those responsible would be punished.

NSA – Obama had no knowledge of the secret spying by the spy agency.  The President didn’t learn of the act until he heard news reports while on the road.  Here’s something to think about.  When Obama was speaking to foreign leaders, they were being recorded by the NSA without the Presidents knowledge.  The spooks were invading the President’s privacy every time he picked up a phone for a personal conversation.  What were they planning to do with this information?

IRS – The President was shocked and disappointed when he learned by media accounts that the Internal Revenue Service was targeting and refusing to give tax exempt status to conservative groups.  Even though Obama met with the IRS Commissioner more times than anyone else in the White House, he was never told of the systematic discrimination of conservatives.  The President said those responsible would be punished.

I could go on but the underlying current through all these incidents is the members of the Administration either don’t trust the President with important information or are afraid to tell him.  Either answer is bad for America.

If the President is not trusted with sensitive information the question must be asked: Who is running the Government?  Members of his inner circle must be making the decisions of State without even having the President in the loop.

It is very possible the President does not take bad news very well.  His staff might be afraid to deliver bad news to the President for fear that Obama would punish the messenger.

This Administration is different from those of the past.  All the past Presidents have gone through a change once they assume office.  They represented all Americans.  When giving speeches, they were about policy or legislation they were trying to work through Congress.  The other Presidents gave no indication of their party affiliation when in public.  Not so with Obama.  This President blasts anyone who opposes his policies at every opportunity.  I blame Obama’s staff for his actions.  Obama has no one on board to say NO.  Obama has been ill-served by his staff.  This might be the way he wants things run, but the staff has done him a disservice.  Without anyone keeping the President in line, the country is hurt.  Obama reminds me of Nero playing his fiddle while Rome burned.


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