obamacare_zpsb24a7135[1]Well, the big roll out of ObamaCare came out with a bang that became a whimper.  We are 25 days in and things are not going well for the Administration.

Let’s examine the software first.  It crashed badly the first day.  In Congressional testimony, people involved with the situation couldn’t tell how many people visited the web site or how many have signed up so far.  Let’s trace some of the problems back in time.  The legislation was passed three years ago without a single Republican vote.  In fact, the Republicans were given a copy of the legislation at 3:00 AM the morning of the vote.  The Administration chose several companies to write the software.  Because Obama was running for re-election in 2012, all work was kept segregated so Republicans could not use the health care information against the Administration in the election.  This put the software developers way behind schedule on delivering the final product.  Another problem with the software was the lack of coordination of the developers to merge the various pieces of the software together.  After the first day of testimony before Congress, no one has been identified as being tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the entire project.  The testimony revealed there was a late shift in requested personal information that was not necessary to set the applicant up with the insurance.  Finally, when all the pieces were put together, the system didn’t work.  They didn’t test the system until several weeks before the system went live.  It failed and crashed during testing.  the President was never told of the problems.  (More on that in another post).  When the healthy, young people who are needed to fund the program go to sign up, and the system fails, most will leave the site and never return.  Being a parent, I have noticed my children have a lack of patience when it comes to electronics.  Finally, the way the software was written, the rate information was hidden at the end of the web site.  There was a deliberate attempt to hide this information so many people wouldn’t realize how much the costs have gone up since the first projections were made by the Administration.  The result of this layout caused many people who got that far in the software to stay on the software longer than what was necessary.  This contributed to the crash.

There has been comparisons to Google and Apple in relation to the software.  I think this is unfair.  Apple has developed their sales software programs over many years of development.  When they launch a new product, they don’t rewrite all the code to get the product online.  They may tweak it slightly, but a rewrite, no.

I know I’ve spent a lot of space on the software.  That’s not the real problem with ObamaCare.  The real problem is the cost, high deductibles and lack of coverage.  The software is just the vehicle to explain the program.  The real problem is with the program itself, and the numbers.  The software situation is masking the real problems that will be exposed soon.


One response to “AFFORDABLE CARE ACT

  1. If Republicans can’t move past the failed website to explain what’s wrong w/ Obamacare…they’re dead !/CAH

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