obama[1]President Obama gave a speech the other day after the government was back up and running.  He has until after the first of the year before new deadlines are reached.  He made three proposals that he thinks Congress should tackle by the end of the year.

The President’s first priority is immigration reform.  His position is the same as before, legalize the illegals in the country and a fast track to citizenship.  This would move the illegals ahead of others who are doing things right and remaining in their home countries until approved for immigration.  He also wants the illegals to be eligible for the various welfare programs.  Obama tells us this will stop the inflow of illegals from crossing the border into our country.  The end result will be billions in new costs and a heavy inflow of illegals across an unprotected border.  I also might add it will increase the number of Democrat voters.

The second proposal is to pass a federal budget to his liking.  That means unrestrained spending, business as usual, doing away with the sequester, and implementing his socialist agenda.  The President wants to complete the task of turning America into a socialist country, and reducing government programs is just not in his plans.

The third item on his agenda is a new farm bill.  This piece of legislation is the result of the lobbyists on Capitol Hill.  Their bill is written for the big, corporate farms, reducing the ability of the “family farms” to compete and survive.  It would also reduce the amount of food produced each year so prices would rise, hurting all consumers.

John Boehner, Speaker of the House of Representatives, will be asked to pass these legislative items.  I think he should take a lesson from Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader.  Reid did a good job of ignoring the 14 House of Representatives bills to reopen the government.  The House should finish the open investigations for Benghazi and the Internal Revenue Service.  Fast and Furious II (grenades delivered to Mexican drug lords) should also be investigated.

I now believe the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, will fall on its own, without help from the Republicans.  The more it is implemented, the faster it will fall, and the more it will help the GOP in the mid-terms in 2014.


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