John+Boehner+Government+Shutdown+Enters+Second+63PzRdSEiQ_l[1]Well, finally the shutdown is over for a few weeks.  I know all the talking heads on TV are saying everyone lost during the shutdown.  I don’t agree.

Obama won in the short-term.  He got everything he wanted.  Sure, his poll numbers went down some but when all the spin ends, he will be called brilliant.  He will be called a master negotiator, even though his lack of ability and skill as a negotiator caused the shutdown to begin with.  In the long-term Obama and the Democrats lost big time.  The Affordable Care Act will continue to be the law of the land.  Not only did part of the law start at the beginning of this month, but another stage of the law begins January 1st.  When the Dems said we had to pass healthcare to learn whats in the law, they were right.  America will not like this law.  As coverage expands to include things people don’t want, when premiums shoot up because everyone must pay for stuff they don’t want, when the working poor choose to pay the fine rather than use their money to buy the insurance and instead buy food for their family.  America will realize why the conservatives fought the fight.

The conservatives will gain support when the Affordably Care Act kicks in.  Now America knows the Dems own ObamaCare.  If everyone winds up loving the legislation, the conservatives will lose.  I doubt that will happen.  Ted Cruz gained the support of millions of Americans.  Many of these people are just now learning what this legislation has in it.  There has been a three-week infomercial coming out of Washington.

The Tea Parties will also win.  The “old media” has made these folks villains.  That’s the biggest complement they can get.  The conservatives will mount a campaign to remove the go along, get along crowd in the GOP.  If the Tea Party candidates are successful in the mid-term elections, then they will be considered winners this month.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will come out as a loser.  He used his influence to get the legislation Republican support in the Senate.  He was a non participate during much of the debate.  An old school politician, McConnell is not a supporter of the conservatives.  He has primary competition in 2014, and the Tea Parties will play a major role in his possible defeat.  Another big loser is John McCain.  He not only didn’t support the conservatives in the Senate, he burned a lot of bridges with his outspoken negative remarks about member of his own party.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will be perceived as a winner, but I think his glory days are over.  He did a good job for the Democrats by refusing to allow a vote on any of the 14 bills the House passed to reopen the government.  His vicious attack on the Republicans will limit his ability to work with Republicans in the future.  He showed America what a small, nasty man he is.

Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner will be perceived as a winner.  Boehner held the House Republicans together, even though he wasn’t a true believer in the conservative cause.  He fought the good fight and will be much stronger for it in the future.  Ted Cruz and Mike Lee will be vaulted as new leaders of the conservatives.

The end result,: Obama got most of what he wanted.  The Republicans couldn’t stop ObamaCare,  The debt ceiling was raised and the government was reopened.  Congress is still exempt from ObamaCare.  There was even pork added to the legislation.  The Republicans kept the length much shorter than Obama wanted and the negative press will end.  It was a gentleman’s agreement to take a breath and fight another day.


2 responses to “THE VOTE!

    • We currently have a liberal party, but the Republicans have not yet become the conservative party. That battle is still waging. (See THE BATTLE WITHIN). Look for the Democrats to financially support a third party of conservatives to ensure their victory in 2016. If the conservatives split their vote, the Dems will keep the White House.

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