look_whos_praying[1]The U.S. is now a Muslim country. It’s that simple. Let me explain.

If you are a Christian in America today, you are a second class citizen.  You can not pray in school, or at work if you work for government.  Our religious symbols are not allowed to be displayed in public places.

As Christians have had to suppress their religious beliefs, Muslims have come to the forefront.  Not only are Muslims taking a more visible role in government, they are not faced with the restrictions Christians face.  Christian Chaplains in the military are forbidden to say “Jesus” in their ministries.

Several years ago, Obama changed NASA’s vision from flying in space to spreading the word on the contribution Muslims supplied to math and science.  We still fly, but bum rides from other nations.

The National Park Service this past week released a documentary proclaiming Muslims are the leaders in women rights.  This documentary was produced by a federal government agency using tax dollars to make it.  In it they state how Islam was the first group to create women’s rights.  This is the same group that stones women to death who have been raped, and one of the stone throwers might be the guy who raped her in the first place.  This religion doesn’t allow women to own property, show their face in public, and have the males of the family arrange their marriages.

Oklahoma passed an amendment to the state constitution outlawing Sharia Law with 70% approval by the voters.  Federal Judge Vickie Miles-LaGrange ruled that Sharia Law must be considered by juries when hearing a case.  For the first time in America, laws of foreign countries will be considered in a U.S. domestic case.  Kill your female daughter because you don’t like the way she dresses, it might be ok.  Chop off the head of a Christian because he doesn’t convert to Islam, Sharia Law says it’s OK.  But say a Christian prayer to yourself before taking a test in school, you might face suspension.

Muslims are demanding school day holidays for their religious holidays.  They built a mosque at the site where their highjackers died in New York.

Obama was raised as a Muslim, and although he attended Rev. Wright’s church every Sunday for over twenty years, he never joined the religion (according to Wright).  Obama has said in the past he was a Christian.  Strange that the Muslims haven’t given him a death sentence for leaving the religion.

When President Obama was on his coronation tour when first elected he said America was a Muslim nation.  He just might be right.


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