The U.N. Smalimages[1]l Arms Treaty was signed today September 25, 2013,  by Secretary of State John Kerry on behalf of the United States.  Obama was expected to sign the treaty during the congressional vacation in August, but he chose to wait until now to have the U.S. commit to the treaty.

The Senate must ratify this treaty with a 2/3 majority vote.  Harry Reid doesn’t have the votes to ratify so he will keep it buried in committee until the votes are there for passage.  However, as soon as 50 countries approve the treaty, it goes into effect.  It is possible the U.S. will be bound by the treaty until the Senate acts.

The treaty itself requires a record be kept on all weapons imported and exported between countries.  That means any foreign manufactured gun is registered with the United Nations.  That means a list of all purchasers of foreign-made guns will be maintained by the U.S government for the U.N.

Here is the real kicker.  After the treaty is in effect, it can be amended by the U.N. at any time.  Ammunition, and registering all guns could be added and even banning all guns could be down the road.  If the U.S. is a signatory to the treaty, we will be required to comply, even if we object to the amendments.  Our vote in the U.N. is the same as any other country, such as Libya, Iraq, Angola or anyone else.  If the world body decides to disarm America, we can’t stop them.  These items were not in the original treaty because the U.S. would never go along.  THE TREATY HAS THE SAME EFFECT AS A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT.  It will supersede U.S. law.

When the amendments come, and they will come, will the U.N. send troops to the U.S. to disarm the citizens?  Will our own troops, or maybe Homeland Security take to the streets to collect our guns?  All this is possible.

Obama has tried on several occasions to restrict gun ownership in the U.S.  He has been rebuffed by Congress.  This is his way of getting what he wants.

51 Senators have sent a letter to the President requesting he not sign this treaty.  Harry Reid will prevent this from coming to a vote until he has the numbers for approval.

Obama picked the perfect time to commit the U.S. to this treaty.  With the fight over funding the government, raising the debt limit, funding ObamaCare, and the issues in Syria and Iran, no one is paying any attention.  The American media will probably not cover this unless there is a loud outcry by the citizens.  With the media silence, no one will know about it to make any noise.

When Obama took the Oath of Office, he swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  He claims this treaty doesn’t effect the Second Amendment.  This may be true, but when the amendments come for this treaty, the Second Amendment could be gone without any action on his part.  As usual, Obama will get what he wants without making any decision.


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