keystone-pipeline[1]Happy Anniversary everyone!  Today is the fifth (5th) anniversary requesting approval of the Keystone Pipeline.  Obama just can’t decide.  The request was made on September 19, 2008.  It came too late for the outgoing Bush Administration to take any action.  You would think it was a Tea Party or something.  Obama was waiting on the Environmental Protection Agency to do a study.  Well, they did four, and all said the pipeline caused no substantial environmental impact.  Then there were rumors the oil would be exported.  The Department of Energy said in their report that the oil would be used domestically, reduce the cost of gasoline and reduce the amount purchased from the Middle East.

The Administration has competing interests for his ear.  The unions want the pipeline for several reasons.  First, the construction jobs to build it.  Second, having this influx of oil products would reduce the cost of manufacturing, usually union jobs.  The environmentalists are opposed, as they oppose ALL energy development in any form.  Obama is displaying the same leadership qualities he demonstrated while serving the folks of Illinois while in the State Legislature and later in the U. S. Senate, voting ………….  PRESENT.

This administration is doing what it always does, avoiding controversal decisions.  Obama is not known for taking responsibility for anything he does, let alone make any tough decisions.

Let’s take a look at this pipeline.   The pipeline would reduce pollution over other types of transportation.  With no environmental damage caused by construction, and the good it would do the nation, it would seem to be a slam dunk in favor.  However, the environmentalists are a larger group of the Democrats fundraisers, and with labor shrinking, the tree huggers are gaining power.

This pipeline was designed to transport oil from Canada to the oil refineries in the southwestern U.S.  But that’s not all.  The Dakotas have started producing a lot of oil, and the pipeline would ship this oil to the refineries, as well.  Obama has never been one to be concerned about employment in this country.  He would rather build a dependant class of people who can’t survive without government help.  Obama would also rather financially support the Muslim Middle East countries rather than be energy independent.

If the pipeline isn’t built, the oil will go to China, who need the energy for their own growing manufacturing economy.  China had a 7.8% growth rate in 2012 compared to the U.S. rate of 2.2%.  They need more energy to continue their progress.

If Obama was a corporate CEO, he could never delay this decision for a year, let alone five.  His Board of Directors would replace him well before the five-year time period.  In America, the voters are his Board, and we gave him a second term.  We got the government we deserve.


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