rip-tombstone-md[1]I was watching O’Reilly the other night and was appalled by the answers college kids gave to some basic questions.  To think they thought Abe Lincoln was a Founding Father.  We shouldn’t be surprised, as history isn’t taught anymore.  Back in 1776, the whole concept that the Founders developed was so totally alien to the world, no one thought it had a chance of succeeding.  The American concept has lasted all this time because the Founders had so much foresight.  For this history not to be taught to our youth, the whole concept disappears.

America fought two world wars in the twentieth century to stop dictators from world domination. Now our military has been cut dramatically by the sequester to a shadow of the force it once was.  More cuts are scheduled this year.

Whenever a disaster strikes any country in the world, the United States has been there to feed, house, provide medical help and provide manpower and expertise to help the people.

America has fed the world.  We used technology to increase crop yields, and have exported grain to feed everyone else.  Today, much of our grain is used to make gasoline, while our oil sits in the ground.

In the 1960’s, America embarked on a mission to land a man on the moon and safely return him to earth.  Now, we need to beg a ride from someone else to get to the international space station.  We launched a satellite to explore the universe.  This week it left our solar system, still working.  Today NASA doesn’t have the money to duplicate this feat.

America was the land of opportunity.  We rewarded hard work, and anyone who developed a new product or developed anything people wanted, were rewarded for their efforts.  Now we punish success.  The businessman is considered evil and profits are considered wrong.  We tax business higher than anyone else in the world.  Now businesses are leaving our shores to operate in countries where they are welcome.  We used to come close to balancing the federal budget,,,,, hell, we used to have a budget.  Not anymore.  Today our elected officials only care about being re-elected.  They leave all the legislation to faceless technocrats who make all the laws through regulations without Congress even looking at them.

The American medical system has developed new medicines and procedures to prolong life and cure countless diseases.  Today we are dismantling this system for one that is more expensive, rations care and is controlled by the government.

I have two wonderful daughters that I am very proud.  I was proud of them as children and am proud of the women they have become.  I am bitter about the world they live in.  They will never experience the world I lived in for most of my life.  Our freedoms, our national pride, are all things of the past.  Their children will probably never know the great things this country has achieved.  Billions of dollars have been spent to educate these children only to find no jobs for them once they graduate.  It’s my generations fault.  We failed the future generations.

When our history is forgotten, or rewritten, it is much easier to change the country and what we once stood for.  The youth of America has deliberately been shut off from our past.  From now on, our history will be whatever those in power want it to be.

During the twentieth century as Communism spread around the world, those in control knew that over a period of twenty years they could eliminate the past history and national pride of the conquered nation and replace it with what the victors wanted.  The question is:  If they don’t know it, did it ever happen?  They will never know how great this country was.  Rest in peace America.


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