Well folks, that dreadimages[3]ed day is here again.  As I watch the coverage on TV I run through my mind what I did and experienced that day.  I’ m sure you are all doing the same.

Much has happened since that day in 2001.  We have another anniversary for 9-11, Benghazi.  That one’s really strange.  Our government is doing everything they can distort, hide and disrupt any attempt to get to the truth about that day.  Our government is acting like a small Middle East dictator who is told to give up some weapons.

We have fought two wars to eradicate the radical Muslims.  We have killed leaders only to have new leaders take their place.  We have bombed and killed the foot soldiers whose sole purpose in life is to kill all non Muslins.  As fast as we kill them, new ones take their place.  After twelve years of fighting them, their numbers are stronger, their countries of influence is greater and their determination to destroy America and all she stands for is stronger today.  It seems like a kid trying to kill an ant hill with a match.  As fast as you burn them, ten more appear.

As the radicals grow in strength and power, we answer that by cutting our defense capabilities.  Under the sequester, half of all cuts come from defense.  We’ve done that for two years and is scheduled to decrease every year into the future.

America that day showed the world how strong we are.  The brave volunteers who faced death that day will shine as a beacon to the rest of the world.  The passengers aboard Flight 93, who were the first Americans to counter attack the radicals saved countless lives by their action.

Last year, in Benghazi, Americans again made the ultimate sacrifice to try to save others.  But this time our Government doesn’t recognize their actions.  Our Government doesn’t even allow the Congress of the United States to even interview those who were on the scene.  What a difference in the way these incidents were treated.  Our country has really changed.  Twelve years ago, we turned over every stone to get to the truth of that day.  Now, our Government does all it can to stop those who search for the truth.  In 2001, America traveled half way around the world to attack those responsible for their deeds.  Today, our Government can’t find those responsible for the Benghazi attack, but CNN not only found, but interviewed those responsible.  Maybe the Government should hire CNN to catch them.

Today, we have more Muslims in the United States than in 2001.  They are growing in number, and more mosques are being built each year.  One thing the radical Muslims do is place a marker at the spot of their successes.  And it just so happens, a Muslim mosque now stands where the towers once stood.


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