un-building[1]Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton just couldn’t let the Zimmerman verdict stand.  I didn’t follow the trial but did watch the nightly summary of the trial.  I had no problem with the verdict.  Enter Eric Holder and the Justice Department.  They are investigating if the shooting was a race induced crime.  The prosecutors in Florida saw no race issues.  It’s one of those situations where they couldn’t find what they were looking for so they just do nothing, which means the inquiry stays open.

Jackson and Sharpton appealed to the United Nations for what they call justice.  The UN started an inquiry against the US for laws that they say favors discrimination.

In 1992, Bush 41 signed a human rights treaty in the UN that prohibits discrimination.  This treaty allows the UN to demand domestic laws be changed to comply with the treaty.

Obama and Eric Holder will probably allow the UN to demand changes in US law.  Holder has been itching to go after Zimmerman anyway so the UN can give him cover to act.

Zimmerman’s life has been hell since that fateful night in Florida.  This Hispanic guy has been labeled as “white” by much of the media because it fit the story the media was trying to create.  He first had to endure a string of lies about the incident itself.  Then there were lies about his background, family and his personal beliefs.  Zimmerman was run into near bankruptcy by his legal bills.  After his not guilty verdict, he has had the Federal Government breathing down his neck with the threat of prosecution.  This has been followed by death threats.  Now he has the UN coming after him.

The Obama Administration should tell the UN that Zimmerman was judged by a jury and found NOT GUILTY.  He should tell them the case is closed and under US law Zimmerman is a free man.  He won’t.  He should tell the UN that they have no business trying to over ride a decision of a state court ruling.  He won’t.

The UN has plenty of issues that should take their energy.  If they want to look at human rights, they could spend months looking at the Middle East and Northern Africa.  Syria has a civil war going on for three years.  Syria gassed their own civilian population.  All over the Middle East, Christian churches have been burned and Clergy have been killed just because they’re Christians.  Benghazi was an attack just because they were Americans.  Countries want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth just because they are Jewish.  If they want to talk about human rights, these are good places to start.

Why are we even in the UN anyway?  We gave them prime real estate to set it up.  Most of the delegates assigned to the UN by the various countries are spys anyway.  The UN can’t seem to make any major decisions because of the standoff between the US and Russia/China.  Worst part is we finance the whole place.  When the UN sends aid to countries when disasters occur, it’s US goods sent under a UN label.  The UN wants to restrict civilian gun ownership.  Obama wants to use the UN to counter our own Constitution.  I see no reason we should continue membership.  Do you?


One response to “THE UN

  1. The UN and other like organizations only will investigate human rights abuses when there is something to gain by stopping them or they become so open and blatant that they literally can no longer be ignored. It has happened time and time again and to expect anything different is a waste of time.

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