is[1]Well,  it’s been nearly six months since the IRS scandal broke about the discrimination against conservatives and Republicans.  At the time, we were told the discrimination ended in early 2012.

As of today the discrimination continues.  The Tea Parties still haven’t received a ruling on their tax status.  NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Obama made this speech saying what happened to the conservative groups was terrible and would be corrected immediately.  He said those who did this would be punished.  He made this big moral speech and had the country believe he meant it.  All the while he was plotting how to continue the practice.

Obama’s lead man on this issue is IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins.  He and the IRS Commissioner are the only two people appointed by the President.  Wilkins is a professional tax attorney.  He was a registered lobbyist from 1988 until his appointment to the IRS by Obama in 2009.  Prior to that he was staff counsel for the Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee from 1981 until 1988.  Wilkins donated to both parties as a lobbyist, but much more so for the Democrats.  In 1988 Wilkins was the lead counsel for Jeremiah Wright and the United Church of Crist in Chicago when the church was being investigated by the IRS for violating its 503c(3) tax-exempt status.

All 503c(3) and 503c(4) applications by conservative groups are being sent to Wilkins for action.  Once sent to him, they fall into a bottomless pit, only to surface with follow-up questions requesting much further information.  Some of the Tea Party folks say it resembles more of an audit than an inquiry.  And all the while, the groups wait for approval.  Without being approved, these groups can’t raise money.  But the liberal groups get approved right away.

The IRS offered a deal to speed up the process.  All the conservative groups had to do was agree to limit their political activities to 40% of their activities.  That means that 60% of their activities would have to be non political.  Of course, they would probably be tied up in IRS audits every political cycle.  Most have refused.  They are holding out for the full use of their tax exempt status.  So, now they wait.

The purpose of Wilkins is to keep these groups from functioning until after the next election cycle or maybe until after the next Presidential election.  And the media remains silent.

Wilkins met with President Obama two days before the IRS issued guidance on how the agency was to handle the Tea Party applications.  Wilkins stated the guidelines never came up in the meeting with the President, but one would think something as important as this would be discussed.  There is no proof of what was discussed as no minutes were kept of the meeting.

The mess with Syria has sapped all the energy from Congress.  If the House of Representatives doesn’t follow through with more hearings on this scandal, then they don’t deserve to regain power.


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