mapmiddleeast[1]It seems the Middle East is exploding everywhere.  Turn on the nightly news and it seems half the show is on the violence over there.  There is much to examine so let’s get started.

LIBYA – The Benghazi attack has not been answered by the U.S.  The team tasked with finding and identifying those responsible for the deaths of the Americans is leaving the country.  They found those responsible but were not given the green light to take them out.  We had troops in country training locals to counter the insurgents.  The Libyan government has replaced our troops with their own.  The Obama Administration has denied Congress access to the survivors of that frightful night.  The President has blocked all attempts by Congress to get the facts out to the American people.  Our influence in Libya is gone.

SYRIA – The death of thousands due to chemical attack by the Assad government crossed the red line earlier this year.  Obama made a big deal of saying once Syria used chemical weapons would be a step that we would not tolerate.  The administration has given the indication we will take no action.  When the population rebelled against the regime, there was an opening for us to end the regime and replace it with a pro western government.  We took no action at that time.  The void left by our inaction opened the door to Iran, Russia, China, al Qaeda and a host of other groups to move in.  Now we can’t tell which groups would be our friends.  If we arm a group now, very possible the weapons would someday be used against us. The administration is depending on the U.N. to take action.  With Russia and China vetoing every U.N. action, everyone knows no action will be taken.   We have no influence in the country.

IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN – Both countries are crumbling before our eyes.  We fought both wars, sacrificing lives and money for nothing.  Our withdrawal has left the job only partially done.  The Taliban has reinserted themselves back into play.  They never quit fighting.  When we pulled out they rebuilt their membership and the governments realize that they must negotiate with them because we are leaving.  We won’t be there to protect them.  When the dust settles, neither country will call America “friend.”

PAKISTAN, JORDON, SAUDIA ARABIA and TURKEY know they can not count on the U.S. to assist them if they have domestic problem.  They watched as Obama drew the line in the sand and then backed away.  Why would they side with the Administration on matters that might upset the radical elements in their own country?  They will stay away from us for their own survival.  You can be sure IRAN is watching also.  As they continue their march toward nuclear weapons, they feel confident of U.S. impotence.  While all this is happening, our response to the world is to cut our military might at an alarming rate.  And what is ISRAEL to do?


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