1800F_rendering[1]Republicans seem to win presidential elections but never make fundamental changes in the structure of government.  Even the great Ronald Reagan never was able to change the culture of Washington.

It seems that Presidents come and go, but Washington continues to chug along.  Employees have jobs for life under Civil Service rules.  Washington continues to punch out endless rules and regulations we have to live under.

Let’s begin with the Kennedy/Johnson era in 1960.  From that time forward, the Democrats have controlled the White House 25 years, with Obama having 3 more years to go.  The interesting thing is the Republicans have controlled the White House for 28 years.  During the Republican span, we had a period of 12 years (Reagan/Bush 41) where the GOP was in control.  Twelve years is one heck of a big part of a working career.

During this time period, the agencies of the federal government continued to gain power and move more to the liberal or left orthodoxy.  Republicans in the White House had no effect on the regulatory actions of the Federal Government.

The Republicans should have spent some energy, a lot of energy, in replacing every government employee who retires with a conservative.  Every time an agency expanded, it should have been stacked with conservatives.  If the Republican Presidents would have done this, these agencies would be much more conservative than they are today.  The conservatives appointed during the Reagan/Bush era would now be the career decision makers, just under the political appointees.

Instead, the Republicans have allowed the Democrats to keep control of all the agencies.  Most are now stacked with liberals that will be in control for the next 30 years.  This is not a coup for the Democrats but rather a failure on the Republicans part.

These agencies really run the government.  Presidents come and go but the career civil servant is there for life.  And they continue to churn out regulations that become the law of the land.  Congress very rarely ever overturns regulations issued by the agencies.

Toilets that don’t flush, funny looking lightbulbs that don’t put out enough light, labels on products that are so big and written so small telling us all about stuff we don’t care about are all given to us by the agencies we have all come to hate.  Some government faceless person telling us what we can and can’t do with our own land.  These agencies run America.  More laws are written by the various agencies than Congress.

The IRS, EPA, GSA, State Department, the list goes on forever, and the Republicans have never been in control of any of them.  Sure, they have held the top couple of posts but the workforce has always been controlled by the liberals.  And it’s the workforce that runs America.


One response to “LOSING THE WAR

  1. I think it’s good for any party to have a continual influx of “new blood.” New people bring new perspectives, new ideas and new solutions, and I think that’s incredibly important for the Republican Party because I think they’re losing support, especially among younger voters because they have failed to adapt to changing social norms.

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