Folks, let’simages[1] face it.  Obamacare is something that’s going to happen.  We can’t stop it.  It’s the law.  Congress is determined to make us suffer under this piece of garbage.

I have a way of getting rid of this thing permanently.  I want members of the House of Representatives to go to court to force Obama to enforce the law as Congress wrote it.  No delays.  No exemptions.  Let’s force this thing into action.

This law is one of the most unpopular laws ever enacted by the Federal Government.  The best way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it vigorously.  Don’t let the supporters piece meal it into existence.  Make sure all the parts kick in as passed.  Make America suffer, and suffer big.

When the citizens hit the polls in ’14, they’ll remember who inflicted this mess on them.  They’ll remember who fought against this takeover of healthcare.  They’ll remember who told us we weren’t smart enough to handle our healthcare by ourselves.  AND, they’ll remember who exempted themselves from this legislation.

There will be such a backlash from the voters, Congress will jump to correct Obamacare.  The only problem is Obama will veto any repeal, so Congress will need the votes to over ride the veto.  Do you really think Congress will be willing to end their careers over healthcare?  I don’t.

While we enforce the healthcare law, we end all exemptions.  “Big Labor,” who deployed manpower and money to get this passed, should live under it just like the rest of us.  Same goes for “Big Business”  that supported Obama in both his presidential runs.  And while we’re at it, make Congress a part of it again.

I am in favor with letting the congressional staff stay exempt.   Imagine how nuts Congress would be if their staff got exempted and they had to be a part of it.  Imagine a congressman looking at his office staff each day and know they had something the congressman didn’t.  THAT would make the repeal pass so much quicker.


One response to “OBAMACARE

  1. The truth is, under either system the power doesn’t rest with the individual. Currently it rests with billion dollar insurance companies and hospitals. Under the Affordable Care Act, some of that power will become the governments. Either way, the health of many is determined by the few. The health of the poor is determined by the rich.

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