Capitol_Building_3[1]The Obama Administration has labeled the attempts by Congress to investigate past actions by the Executive Branch as phony scandals and they should move on.  I think Congress would like nothing more than to move past these issues, if only the Obama Administration would let them.  Let’s take a look at each incident and see what we understand as of now.

FAST AND FURIOUS – This was the first of many.  Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, refused to testify in front of Congress about this affair.  The U.S. arranged to sell guns to the Mexican drug lords.  The idea was to follow the guns and see who the end-user was.  When the agents for the Mexicans tried to make the buy through gun dealers in the U.S., the U.S. gun dealers notified the feds.  They were told to put the sale through.  Almost immediately, the guns disappeared in Mexico.  And almost as quick, a U.S. Border Agent was killed with one of the weapons.  Many Mexicans and a few other Americans were killed with these weapons.  The U.S. House found Holder in contempt of Congress for his refusal to testify.  Obama stepped in with Executive Privilege to stop the proceedings.  No one has yet explained to Congress how this happened.  By using Executive privilege, Obama admits he was involved with this sale directly.

BENGHAZI –  It was 11 months ago.  The Administration has yet to supply the survivors to testify to Congress.  Four Americans were killed that day.  They received no support that could have saved lives.  Our troops were told to stand down.  Although everyone in the Administration knew that evening it was a terror attack, they claimed it was in response to a video.  Two weeks later, the Administration, in a speech to the United Nations, still claimed it was a reaction from the video.  Although our government didn’t visit the site because it was too dangerous, a CNN crew was there and picked up papers and a diary of Ambassador Stevens.  Obama went on TV and said he would get to the bottom of it and get all the facts out.  Obama said those responsible would be punished.  CNN this past week interviewed, in a cafe, the leader of the group claiming responsibility.  To this day Obama continues to stonewall the Congress at every turn.

AP –  Twenty Associated Press reporters had their phone lines tapped by the National Security Council.  The government was looking for leakers that were feeding information to the AP.  Eric Holder apologized  for this action.

Michael Rosen – Eric Holder said to Congress the government would not attempt to criminalize reporters for doing their job.  He said they never had, and could see no situation where they would.  Two days later it was revealed Holder had gone to a court to get a tap on the Fox reporter.  Rosen was listed as a co-conspirator to the court.  Not only were his phone and emails tapped by the government, but so where all members of his family.  He was also listed as a flight risk so the warrant was sealed.

I.R.S. –  292 conservative and patriot groups who applied for tax exempt status had their applications held up.  Not only were they held up for months but most have not yet received a ruling on their status.  Without the tax exemption, they can not raise money to function.  Many of these groups have been waiting for over 2 and a half years.  If they had been denied, they could have gone through the appeals process.  Without a ruling they are held in limbo.   There were no liberal groups held up.  It usually take from three weeks to six months for a ruling to be made.  Obama went on TV and said all those responsible would be punished.  To date, only one employee has been punished, Lois Lerner, who when testifying in front of Congress claimed her 5th amendment rights against self-incrimination.  Eric Holder had the Department of Justice investigate.  Their report placed the blame on two employees in the Cincinnati office.  They said it went no further.  Congress held hearings.  Retiring agent Carter Hull testified all conservative and patriot group applications were to be sent to William J. Wilkins in Washington.  Wilkins is the Chief Council and appointed by President Obama.  So much for Holders investigation claiming it was just two rogue Cincinnati agents.  The F.B.I. has been asked to investigate.  Testifying before Congress, F.B.I. Director Robert Mueller could not tell Congress who was heading up this investigation or how many agents were involved.  He didn’t know.  To date, none of the groups who are still waiting for a determination of their status have been interviewed by anyone from any of the investigations.

My question to President Obama is this:  Which of these scandals are phony?


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