usa1[1]A lot has been said about the economy these days.  Some says things are getting better while others say we’re going into the tank.  I guess it all depends on where you live and who you work for.

There really are two Americas.  Which one you live in determines your outlook for the country.

Texas is booming economically.  Businesses are growing.  Businesses are relocating to the state.  Taxes are low.  The legislature meets part-time.  They pass very few regulations.  They are blessed by God with natural resources that are developed to the fullest extent possible.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the state is controlled by………  Republicans.  Texas has an independent spirit.  It’s one of those places where there is a “can do” atmosphere.

California is an example of the opposite of Texas.  In California, the attitude is “government knows best.”  Everything is regulated to the fullest extent possible.  The state is not very friendly to business activity.  Taxes are high so government can continue to micro-manage every aspect of daily life.  Businesses and people are leaving California in droves.  So naturally, so does employment, much of it going to…… you guessed it, Texas.

Chicago has disarmed the population so the punks, who have guns, can prey on the citizens at will.  What about New York, where you can’t buy a big soft drink on a hot day?  Think those people are upbeat?

The southeast U.S. has a business friendly environment along with low taxes and a lack of regulations proposed on the state level.  Much of the auto industry has migrated to this area.  Unemployment is lower in these areas than places like California because of the attitude of state and local government.

The upper midwest, with the exception of Ohio, has stagnant employment.  These are the areas where the unions still hold onto power and exercise a certain amount of control over the politics.  The people who live in the areas where economic activity is robust feel much better about where the country is heading than those in the heavily regulated areas where employment is much harder to find.

Of course, the actions of the Federal Government drags down everyone.  Obamacare and overly strict federal regulations drags down all economic activity.  But the red states, with Republicans in control, are doing much better than the big government blue states.

The environmental lobby, who put more importance on things like the snail darter than humans, retard growth and cause human suffering.  Some of these people want to make humans extinct.

The bottom line is that people’s location has a lot to do about how they feel the country’s doing.  Those in areas controlled by Republicans feel much better about their future than those in Democrat controlled areas.

CORRECTION:  In my last post on DETROIT, I referred to the Gov. of Wisconsin as Gov. Scott.  This should have been Gov. Scott Walker.  I apologize to the Governor for the error.


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