obama-post-inauguration[1]The President is a coward. On every important issue he refuses to take a stand. This wimp is lacking in every area of leadership.  America suffers by his lack of courage to take a stand.

The sequester which took effect this year cut the budget across the board.  In every area where the Administration was involved, Obama met the cuts by issuing furloughs instead of making the hard decisions to make real cuts.  This coming fiscal year new cuts automatically come on-line on top of the cuts from last year.  By not making the serious cuts last year a much harder decision will be required this year.  I guess he’ll furlough everyone 40 days this year instead of the 20 days used last year to meet the requirement.  His lack of ability to make real cuts last year causes a much bigger problem this year.  What will he do next year?  Will he furlough the employees 60 days so he can avoid making a decision again?  The guys a coward.

By failing to make a decision on Syria last year, we now have no good options available to us.  Now we have terrorists in all the opposition groups.  If we had become involved last year we could have controlled the groups we supported to keep them clean of the al Qaeda influence.  Now, when Assad falls, we will face a hostile Syria.  Obama’s a coward.

Obama showed his cowardice during his first term with Israel.  Netanyahu told Obama about their plans to wipe out Iran’s nuclear program.  Obama was put in a position of having to support Israel’s plan.  He would be forced to provide Israel with tactical support against his Muslim brothers.  Obama didn’t have the guts to follow through.  Instead he told the world what Israel was planning so Netanyahu had to abort.  Obama still won’t take action against Iran, so their nuclear program goes forward.  The longer we wait, the more spread out Iran’s program will be.  The job is much harder to stop now.  Obama was just too freightened to do anything.  The President’s a coward.

Egypt is a mess and it is partly our fault.  Morsi, A Muslim Brotherhood member, won a fair election.  Since gaining power, he had consolidated his power and moved the country back toward a dictatorship.  This country can’t survive without U.S. aid.  Obama refused to stand up to Morsi so the military had to step in.  Although most of the money went directly to the military, there is still a pot of gold that went to Morsi.  Morsi stole the money for himself and the Brotherhood without a peep from Obama.  That’s why the military had to act.  Obama was too chicken to do anything.

Here at home Obama still can’t make a decision on the Keystone Pipeline.  If he sides with the pipeline, the U.S. gets a ton of energy from Canada.  The environmentalists will be upset with him.  If he opposes the pipeline, the construction unions will be upset.  Obama, the wimp, doesn’t have the balls to make a decision.

Russia keeps Snowden away from us.  Putin won’t send him back to face justice.  Obama doesn’t have the guts to demand his return.  Instead he sends the lightweights to ask Putin to pretty please send him back.  Obama makes us the laughingstock of the world.

Obama is a coward.  He is afraid to make a decision on anything other than to make sure he won re-election.  We should have seen this coming when in the Illinois Senate and then the U.S. Senate when he didn’t have the courage to cast a vote other than “present” on all the important questions of the day.  We got what we deserve.


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