trayvonmarchap_s640x355[1]I must admit I have not been following this trials every dip and turn.  I guess I have seen most of the nightly summaries on TV but I have no knowledge of what the outcome should really be.  Having said that, I want to say that from what I have seen on the various channels, the outcome should change by which channel I watch.

Something happened today that is very disturbing.  The Obama Administration has tried to enter this case and influence the outcome.  What Eric Holder and the Department of Justice has done is unforgivable.  I’m sure he didn’t do it without the blessing of the White House.

The Community Relations Service, a branch of the Justice Department, traveled to Florida and organized demonstrations against Zimmerman.  This was done to taint the potential jury pool a year before the trial.

Judicial Watch received documents and emails outlining the activity under the Freedom of Information Act.  The information showed the lengths the Obama Administration went to influence this trial.

As I said, I don’t know if Zimmerman should be convicted or not.  I do know that the weight of the Federal Government should not be involved in a state-run trial.  The Obama Administration came to office saying they wanted to heal the country of racial divide.  This shows they, in practice, are doing just the opposite.  Zimmerman has been portrayed as a white man who killed an innocent black youth.  First, Zimmerman is hispanic, not white.  Second, Trayvon Martin, the victim, has a criminal record and had drugs in his system at the time of his death.  Not exactly an upstanding citizen.  Obama’s actions deliberately distorted some facts in this case.  If the facts show Zimmerman is innocent, why would the Obama Administration try to see him convicted?  Why would the Obama Administration deliberately try to stir up racial tensions?  I see no reason for Obama to become involved except for his own racial prejudice.  I remember the “Beer Summit” where Obama assumed the white police officer was guilty for arresting a drunk black guy trying to break into a house.

Obama  has shown he is not interested in representing all Americans.  He is willing to use government agencies and American tax money to play favorites.  That is why we need groups like Judicial Watch to expose his misdeeds.  No one can force the President to be honest, but having groups like this to expose his misdeeds is the best counter available.

Think about this.  The Federal Government, using the Department of Justice, spent your tax money to create demonstrations and potentially riots if Zimmerman is found not guilty.  This would be Americans against Americans.  Our tax money being used for this, and kept secret until Judicial Watch uncovered it.  Does this Administration have no shame?


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