pic_i_8_casa_grande_az_2010jun14[1]I want to get past all the BS and really get to the issues.  There are several different thoughts about our borders, and I will try to cover them all.  Anyone who doesn’t think I am being fair, let me know.

The border question has been going on since 1986.  At that time the border was to be secured so we wouldn’t have this problem in the future.  At that time we allowed the illegals to stay.  Now there are estimates that we have 11 million more.

Our southern border is puris to say the least.  Film crews have shown illegals crossing at will.  We refuse to spend the money to complete the fence, and don’t supply the manpower to patrol the border.  But we take care of the illegals financially after they are here.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Most of those crossing are Mexicans.  The economy south of the border is in shambles.  With the drug lords controlling the border towns to move drugs and people into the U.S., and large parts of the interior where the drugs are grown and processed, there isn’t a lot of honest employment available.  Add to that the police corruption, where everything is done through bribes and extortion, there isn’t much opportunity for people to earn a living.  Once they move into the U.S., even after being extorted by U.S. employers, they are better off than staying in Mexico.  Our side of the border provides the illegals with free hospital care and countless other goodies that American taxpayers support.  The influx of illegals drives down wages for American citizens.

The Mexicans aren’t the only ones coming in.  Anyone can cross the border.  Radical Islamists can cross just as easily.  These people aren’t looking for employment, they want to kill us.

The government has chosen not to stop the illegals from entering.  Instead, they chose to monitor them after they are here.  Our government chooses to monitor all phone communications of everyone here, legal or not.  We record phone conversations, monitor internet usage, and basically use methods not seen since the days of Hitler.  To me it seems it would be easier to just secure the border and stop the terrorists from entering in the first place.

The Democrats want the borders open because they believe that eventually the newcomers will vote Democrat.  What they don’t seem to realize is the Hispanics will vote for their own, replacing the establishment Democrats in Congress.

Here’s what I think Obama should do.  Say he will accept a secure border only bill from Congress.  After we have the border secure, we do the immigration bill.  Without a secure border, nothing else makes any sense.  Of course he won’t do that.  But he should.


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