cernan_moon[1]America is a country with the lights off.  Not only are we a country that gave up our leadership in the world, but we are a country that doesn’t care anymore.  America is a country that led the world in so many areas.  No more.

Our education system used to be innovative and dynamic.  We were probably never number 1, but we were always close to the top.  No more.  Now we teach all the social stuff, everything is about self-esteem, not actually learning math, science and history.

American technology was developed and utilized around the world.  Now we are followers.  We put a man on the moon and brought him safely home.  Today we don’t even have a capsule.  We hitch a ride with other countries.  Even when we have the brainpower to come up with some new technology, we can’t make it.  We need to send it elsewhere to have it produced.

America always wanted to make it bigger and better.  American business always wanted to grow, both in size and profits.  Now everyone wants to cut back.  Cutting hours and employment is the new American way.  Business now is punished for being successful.  Our middle class is dwindling as companies are switching to part-time workers.

Contracts were agreed to with a handshake.  Your word meant something.  Today everyone wants to cheat their way through.  Honor is a thing of the past.  People today get bonuses for cheating the other side.  There is no such thing as morality.

For most of my adult life, being on the dole was embarrassing.  Now it’s a goal.  Welfare rolls are ever-expanding, and the “filthy rich” need to pay more and more to support it.  Too many people think this is “fair.”

Foreign policy has also changed.  America was a country that was respected.  We were never loved, but American might always made others never willing to cross us.  We led by example.  We were always there when disasters happened around the world.  Today, we are not respected.  No one is afraid to cross us now.  Americans were safe to travel the world.  Not today.

I see American decay everywhere.  I think this is the reason we have lost our spirit.  It all comes down to a lack of leadership.  We need a leader who will lead and bring us back.  Obama is not that guy.  Our President is not the sole reason for our fall.  He is a symptom.

We need a President who can make America proud again.  Ronald Reagan had this ability.  After Carter tried to lead us into mediocrity, Reagan brought us back.   A new generation of leaders can do it again.

I believe in America.  I know we can do it again.  The American spirit is still there, just under the surface.  God has endowed us with an abundance of natural resources.  We have fertile ground for farming.  We have energy waiting to be developed.  We have the American worker, who can out produce anyone in the world if given the chance.  We have the brain power to use these gifts in a safe and environmentally prudent way.  America can come back stronger than ever before.  All it takes is for government to stop saying no and get out of the way.  America can do it, and I believe we will.


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