whitehouse2[1]One of the things I’ve noticed about the mood of the country lately is the lack of enthusiasm felt by the American people.  Americans don’t feel good about the country these days.  Let’s look at some issues in detail to explain the country’s lack of spirit.

The economy – We entered a recession during the final year of the Bush Administration.  Bush’s economy suffered a severe setback on September 11, 2001.  The next year was pretty rough on everyone.  This was followed by 5 years of solid growth coming out of the worst attack on American soil.  After 5 years of growth, the economy stalled and took a breather.  It wasn’t a bad recession, but it clearly was a recession.  Obama came to office with a lot of hope.  With the Democrats controlling both houses of Congress and the White House, Obama had a clear shot to enact any legislation he wished.  The President chose to jump-start the economy with a huge stimulus program.  When the dust settled, we found that the legislation rewarded Obama’s supporters and did nothing to help the economy.  The economy sunk further into recession and continued to flounder.  From that point on, Obama hasn’t proposed anything to help the economy grow.  To make the numbers look better, Obama shifted many long-term unemployed off the unemployment rolls by shifting them to the disability rolls.  He also removed those whose unemployment ran out to a category of no longer looking for work.  This brought the unemployment rate back to single digits.  Obama has shown a lack of interest in the economy from then to this day.

Business – The Administration attacks business, both large and small, on a daily basis.  His environmental policies retard the ability of businesses to grow and prosper.  His tax policies does the same.  He constantly attacks the “rich.”  The end result is business suffers.  This means the middle class is destroyed by a lack of employment opportunities.

Foreign affairs – Once elected, Obama toured the world apologizing to one and all for American exceptionalism.  Little did we think he actually meant it.  Obama has removed America from the small list of world leaders.  No longer is America respected around the world.  We no longer have the ability to dictate American interests.  Our lack of respect can be seen in things like the Snowden affair.  Foreign countries ignore us and know we are a paper tiger, or more correctly, a paper kitten.  Our wars in the Middle East are ending and who really believes we will come out winners.  Our influence around the world is declining as we continue to move toward a world government run by the U.N.

All of these things affect the mood of the population.  Just as Jimmy Carter turned out the lights in the White House, Obama has ended the White House tours.  It took Ronald Reagan turning the lights back on and reminding us our greatest days lay ahead of us to lift the mood and spirits of the nation.  Obama could do the same, but he’s so busy traveling the world and taking exotic vacations to notice…. or it’s just not his plan.


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