790px-Big_Bend_Power_Station[1]The current administration has started a war against the various energy sources in the United States.  Coal is making the current headlines, but it is far from the only form of energy Obama opposes.

In 2008, when Obama first ran for the office of President, he stated his opposition to coal as an energy source.  Now, five years later, we shouldn’t be surprised Obama wants to end coal usage in the United States.

Technology has made coal much cleaner to burn in recent years.  Our pollution is now lower than what we reported in 1992.  Coal has produced it’s share of this decrease.  Our electric generation has made monumental strides in pollution reductions and the industry continues to work to make coal even cleaner in the future.

It is estimated we have hundreds of years of coal in the ground for electric production.  It is our most abundant source of energy.  I think it would be a shame to leave this great asset in the ground, unused, while we convert to more expensive forms of energy.

Obama’s war is not just against coal.  Under his direction, oil has also been in his sights.  The EPA has continued to make refining of oil products more difficult and expensive.  Oil drilling off our southern coasts has been reduced under the Obama Administration.  China has moved in to fill the void.  Needless to say, that oil will not find its way to our shores.  And if it does, it will come with a heavy cost.

Obama has been sitting on a proposal from Canada to ship oil from that country to our refineries in the southern U.S.  The Keystone Pipeline would be used to transport this crude to the refineries.  Obama refuses to make a decision, which is the same as saying no.  Canada has an option to sell this oil to China.  Canada would rather sell this product to us rather than China because they want to use some of the refined oil domestically.

The U.S. trade unions want the work building the pipeline while the environmentalists are opposed.  Obama has sided with the environmentalists against the mining unions where coal is concerned.

Obama favors renewable energy sources over fossil fuels.  He has pushed through legislation favoring wind and solar even though the technology is not quite there for major production.

America is blessed by God with enough energy in the ground to last us several centurys.  As new technologies come on-line, our energy resources could last us much longer.  Our government is retarding this development.  If they would just get out of the way, we could become energy independent.  Instead, we are going bankrupt buying oil from the Middle East.


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