millsgibbs3-660[1]I was communicating with one of my readers the other day about how Obama never released his birth certificate or college records.  This guy is rather non political, but enjoys my writings.  He reads them just to get another perspective.

His point to me was if all this was true, then how did Obama get elected in the first place.  I explained to him how the media didn’t cover the issues.  Today I am going to lay out how the media manipulates the coverage to get their preferred outcome.

Birth certificate – Obama refuses to show the actual document.  When the media covered the story, their story was the “kooks” who demanded to see it.  Never did they investigate why Obama refuses to show the document.  When people showed the certificate that appeared on the internet was created with a common paint program, they ignored the story.  The mass population never heard that part of the story because the media never told the people how the document was layered and didn’t appear similar to certificates issued around the same time.

School records – Obama refused to release any of his school records.  He admitted that he wasn’t a great student in his early years so why not release the records.  He must have graduated from law school because he had a license to practice law in Chicago.  He said he graduated with honors but won’t back up that claim with the documents.  The media again covered the story by attacking the people who questioned his records, not by investigating the questions.

All the other candidates released their records.  They all said the actual documents were available for viewing.  This includes Hillary Clinton on the Democrat side and all the Republican candidates.  The media chose to give Obama a free pass.

During the campaign Mitt Romney made plenty of policy statements.  Whenever he made strong points, the media refused to carry his points.  The public never heard many of the points he made.  I caught some of them on C-SPAN, but I’m a political junkie, which most of the population is not.  C-SPAN covered everything during the campaign, but 99.9% of the population doesn’t even know the channel exists.

The media refused to cover the Obama Administration scandals until it hit home with them.  Tapping phone calls to and from the Associated Press made them come alive.  After all, the media outlets get many of their stories from the AP.  If this scandal hadn’t broken first, there would probably be scant coverage of the James Rosen scandal at Fox News.

The media covered the IRS scandal because there was such a ground swell from the people.  What the media hasn’t told the people is that 2 years after the policy has supposedly ended, most of the Tea Party groups still have not received a ruling from the IRS.  So their policy of slowing down the approval of these groups is still underway.

In summing up, let me say this.  Obama could end the speculation about his birth certificate and school records by just releasing the records.  Me saying this means nothing.  What’s needed is for an official to say the same thing.  You know what?  Maybe they have, only the media hasn’t covered it.


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