obaba-weed-goodforyou[1]Obama reminds me of a tin horn dictator.  While no one has paid attention, he has pretty much taken over the country.  It goes much further than the current scandals.

From the day Obama took office, he has put Americans in two groups, his friends and supporters and everyone else.  He has never attempted to represent all Americans.  He’s picked his favorites and enemies.

Obama started off his first term by appointing 32 czars, who took over the responsibilities of the cabinet members.  These czars were appointed by Obama, had no conformation hearings, no oversight by Congress, and they report to Obama directly.  They nationalized companies such as General Motors and Chrysler.  The Government closed many car dealers to reduce competition.  The czars made sure the Republican owned dealers (80% of closed dealers) were on the list for closure.  As the industry recovered, Obama gave a large portion of the companies to the unions who represent the industries workers.  Bond holders of the old company got nothing for their investment.  Not paying bond holders first is against U.S. law.  But hey, the auto czar isn’t accountable to congressional oversight, only the President.

During the mid-term elections of 2010, the “New Black Panther Party” showed up at polling places in Philadelphia and with night sticks and in uniform turned conservative white people away from voting.  Obama found nothing wrong with this and no one was prosecuted.  “Fast and Furious” was an accident waiting to happen.  The Obama Administration sold guns, through U.S. private industry gun shops, to Mexican drug lords.  When the shops tipped off the Feds, they were told to complete the transaction as it was part of a sting operation.  The interesting fact is the industry would have stopped the sale if the government didn’t step in make the transaction go through.  After Americans were killed with the weapons, and Congress got involved, Obama used Executive Privilege to stop a contempt citation against the Attorney General for perjury.  Up until that moment, Obama had claimed no knowledge of the incident.  By using Executive Privilege, Obama is saying release of information would hinder the President from doing his job.

Lets jump ahead a few years.  The czars are still in place.  Obama has signed a U.N. treaty that restricts U.S. citizens right to purchase weapons.  The President has created a national police force that only answers to him.  The IRS, OSHA, NLRB, EPA and a host of other alphabet federal agencies attack the Presidents enemies.  The President uses the Justice Department to go after reporters who aren’t on the President’s team.  On Easter Sunday, Obama signed an Executive Order nationalizing elections.  The President has not approved a pipeline that would create a huge amount of wealth for the citizens.  Instead, he has placed a huge number of Americans on the dole, making them dependant on him for their survival.  In fact, Obama has used Executive Orders to put in place many things Congress would never pass.  The Senate, controlled by his own party has 30 session days to override Executive Orders.  Harry Reid won’t bring any of these to a vote.  That makes them law until a following President writes another Executive Order rescinding these actions.  Obama has restricted drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.  Now Cuba has issued permits to China to drill in these areas.  He is doing everything he can to make us more dependant to foreign governments for our energy needs.  Obama continues to punish his enemies.  Obama is an American despot.  Who would have thought such a thing could happen to America.


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