551068[1]The UN gun treaty was passed on April 2, 2013 by the 193 members of the United Nations.  154 voted in favor with 3 voting against and 23 abstentions.  Iran, Syria and North Korea were the 3 who voted against the measure.  The first day of ratification by the member countries is Monday, June 3.  The treaty goes into effect 90 days after 50 governments ratify the treaty.

Obama intends to sign the treaty on behalf of the United States on Monday, June 3.  It will require 66 Senators to ratify this treaty.  Those votes are not there.  However, the treaty will be in force until the Senate takes action.  Harry Reid will probably not bring the treaty to the floor until/unless he has the required votes for passage.

This treaty will restrict all foreign civilian shipments of firearms into the United States.  This includes law enforcement purchases.  With Homeland Security buying massive amounts of munitions, the private industry will be frozen out of the marketplace.

The Obama Administration has been a driving force in the U.N. for this treaty.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been a U.N. leader of this treaty for most of Obama’s first term.  A  bipartisan group of Senators passed a resolution asking Obama to reject this treaty.  The President has rejected their wishes.

It’s no secret to readers of these pages that I think Obama shows disdain for our Constitution.  Be it freedom of speech, religion, or right to bear arms, Obama has marched against these basic rights.  Obama is restricting the imports of guns into the country, and Homeland Security is grabbing up all the available ammunition.  He’s loading up on weapons for the Government and at the same time restricting the ability of citizens to defend themselves against the Government.  He’s using the United Nations to bring this about.

At the same time Obama is restricting the ability of Americans to bear arms, he has created a national police force in Homeland Security.  Previously, the National Guard served this function but those troops are under the direction of the various state Governors.  This force is under the control of the President.


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