Eric-Holder-391612-1-402[1]Eric Holder – You know him, he’s the guy found in contempt of Congress over “Fast and Furious,” is on the hot seat again.  Everyone is questioning if he will survive the latest scandal.  Lets look at the facts as we know them today.

Eric Holder was born in New York City in 1951.  He attended public school through the 4th grade.  Then he entered the gifted program.  For high school Holder attended the prestigious Stuyvesant High School.  He was captain of his high school basketball team and after graduation entered Columbia University where he played basketball his freshman year.  Holder also received a Regents scholarship.  On weekends he mentored local kids and became involved in civil rights.  After graduation, he attended Columbia Law School and also began clerking for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the Department of Justice’s Criminal Division.  After graduation he went to work for the Department of Justice in the Public Integrity Section where he prosecuted corruption of local, state and federal employees.

In 1988, he was selected by President Reagan to be an Associate Judge to the Superior Court of the District of Columbia.  He served 5 years until he was picked by President Clinton to be the U.S. Attorney for Washington, D.C.  In 1977, Holder was nominated by Clinton to be the assistant Attorney General where he won a unanimous vote by the Senate.  Holder made the recommendation to Clinton to Pardon Marc Rich.  After serving 4 years Holder entered private practice until he joined Obama’s Presidential campaign as legal advisor.  Obama nominated Holder to be Attorney General, where he has served until this day.  Eric Holder refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers after the 2010 mid-term elections.  The group was involved in voter intimidation in Philadelphia.

Holder told Congress, under oath, he had no knowledge of going after the media for reporting on uncovered activities of the Federal Government.  Just several weeks before, he signed off on getting a judge to allow the government to get phone records of the Associated Press and Fox News.  The Fox case also carried the argument that James Rosen, a Fox reporter was a co-conspirator and was looked at as an unindicted criminal.  Lying to Congress is a crime, punishable by time in prison.  Should Holder face such punishment?  Of course, but I am in no hurry to see this sleazy lawyer be brought down.

Let me explain.  Holder does a much better job for the GOP by staying right where he is.  Each day as Holder is featured on the nightly news, visions of Obama saying he supports this guy 100% flashes in people’s minds.  Each day, as people think about Holder, Obama’s approval rating goes down.  And as Obama’s ratings plunge, so does his second term agenda.

Obama will continue to support Holder all the way because Obama has a huge ego, and he will not let anyone tell him he made a mistake by picking Holder in the first place.  Nobody challenges Obama without paying a price.  He will force us into accepting Holder because Obama thinks he knows best.  I think Obama may use Executive Privilege again to protect Holder.

Lets face it, Eric Holder is damaged goods.  He is dishonest, and has no respect for the Constitution or Congress.  He makes Chicago politics look respectable compared to him.  Let him stay in the spotlight for as long as possible.


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