2012-02-05-cbp-plays-role-in-protecting-superbowl[1]I must admit I wish I was as smart as Obama.  We’ve been fighting a war against terrorists for over a decade.  We could have saved all that money, all the loss of life, all that energy, if we would have just declared victory after a year or two and brought everyone home.  I guess that’s why Obama gets all the big bucks.  Obama has declared victory and the wars will end.  The terrorists will leave us alone because we have won.  They won’t bother us anymore.

Just as Richard Nixon did in the 70’s in Viet Nam, Obama will bring our troops home to cheering crowds.  He will be proclaimed a hero and peace will follow.  Oh, I forgot, we lost that war, didn’t we?  Well, anyway, we haven’t had an attack on our soil since 9/11/2001.  The shoe bomber wasn’t successful, Fort Hood was “workplace violence,” and Boston was just home-grown wannabe’s.

The only problem is Obama forgot to tell our enemies.  Al Qaeda is getting stronger in more countries.  As we take down groups in one country, another affiliated group springs up somewhere else.  Al Qaeda is controlling more land now than in 2001.  Muslims are moving into Europe, and their presence in the U.S. is growing.  The terrorists are recruiting the young in all these countries.  Obama isn’t facing this problem.  He forgot to tell the terrorists the war was over.  The war will continue until all participants decide it is over.

It seems the U.S. government has decided to fight the terrorists on U.S. soil from now on.  The Administration has developed a national police force, Homeland Security, who are equipped and armed to the teeth.  There was recently a demonstration against the IRS and Homeland Security was there keeping track of the demonstrators.  Welcome to the new America.  I just hope Al Qaeda doesn’t take out my city or a city where any of my family or friends call home.  If Homeland Security does catch the next terrorist who attacks us, Obama will use the civilian courts for their trial.  What a show that will be!

This also means Homeland Security will need to patrol AMERICA in order to protect us.  Drones will be in the air looking for terrorists.  They will be monitoring our communications, group meetings, etc. to be sure to keep us safe.  It reminds me of Germany in the late 1930’s


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