bth_barack-obama[1]The Obama Administration has put up a brave front showing outrage over the IRS scandal. If only he showed some emotion toward Benghazi, or the AP.  Let’s look at the three scandals one at a time.

Benghazi, where 4 Americans died, is probably the most important and most serious.  During the attack, Obama was absent.  He had a very important fund-raiser the following day in Las Vegas.  By all the testimony, Obama was not updated on the attack.  As the talking points were being developed, the internal debate seems to be between the State department and the CIA.  The Administration kept Obama out of it.  Even though Obama continued to blame the video in speeches for two weeks, the Libya government told the U.S. it was a terrorist attack on the evening of September 11.  I guess no one told the President.

The IRS scandal is probably the one scandal that will have a profound effect on politics.  The complaints started coming in 2010, and the IRS kept denying they were targeting the conservative groups.  J. Russell George, the Inspector General for the Treasury Department, told top Treasury officials they were investigating the issue based on the complaints in June of 2012.  Obama said he didn’t know anything about it until the report was leaked to the media about 3 weeks ago.  Obama has been blasting these groups for the past few years on his campaign speeches.  At least 8 members of Congress, from both the House and Senate have written letters to the IRS about the 504 (c)3 and 504 (c)4 groups.  Since these Democrat members were from the congressional committees that determine the IRS’s budget, I would guess the IRS would listen, and they did.  Sarah Hall Ingram, who headed up the department responsible for approving the 504’s was promoted by the Obama Administration to head up the division responsible for the new health care requirements.  So much for Obama’s outrage about the IRS’s action.

The third scandal involves the Associated Press.  The AP reported some classified information that threatened the safety of American agents around the world.  Eric Holder, the attorney General, got records of AP phone calls.  The AP was not informed.  This was ordered by the Attorney General, not the President.  Of course, Holder could have gotten phone records of the Executive Branch employees who had knowledge of the leaked information instead but chose to go after the AP records instead.  This will have a chilling effect on anyone else who wants to leak anything to the AP as the government will now have phone records.  This really got under the skin of the White House Press Pool, but probably doesn’t bother the population very much.  On this one Obama has clean hands.

There are going to be more hearings on these issues, and I understand there are more whistleblowers coming forward.  Right now, Obama is not implicated in any wrongdoing.

I do see a pattern that is disturbing.  Obama appears to be a front man.  He doesn’t seem to be running the government.  He seems to be a figurehead and not the man in charge.  No wonder he can play so much golf, take so many vacations and travel so much.  I wonder who is really calling the shots.  Obama may have the title, but someone else is making all the decisions and running the government.


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