large[1]Some strange things have happened the past two days.  Suddenly, the media has discovered the Benghazi story.  Jay Carney, the Presidential spokesman, got drilled by the White House press corps about the story that refuses to die.  The press boys and girls got their feathers ruffled because Jay Carney has been less than honest with them.  There are many sins that are forgiven, but lying to the media, and getting caught, is unforgivable.

After the Benghazi hearing on Wednesday, the print media starting picking up the story.  The TV media continued to treat the story as a Fox or Republican witch hunt.  After the print media stories got traction, everything changed.  ABC broke a major story about the revisions of the talking point drafts and the race was on.  The feeding frenzy will continue.  Let’s look at the history of this Administration with the truth and the media.

Obama stated the affordable Care Act or Obamacare would reduce premiums and increase the number of people covered by insurance.  The facts tell a different story.  Premiums have gone up in price rather dramatically.  The percentage of workers covered has decreased as companies have dropped coverage due to the increased cost.  Obama also said he was going to save insurance for the elderly.  As soon as Obamacare passed he took $716 billion from Medicaid to help fund Obamacare.  The media have given the Administration a free pass on all of this.

“Fast and Furious” was another situation where the Administration bent the truth.  The U.S. Government set up sales of weapons to Mexicans.  The stated goal was to track the weapons to the Mexican drug lords.  As it turned out, American border agents were killed, along with other Americans and Mexicans by these guns.  A memo uncovered said the Administration should use the issue to blame gun ownership by Americans for the violence.  The Administration stonewalled all attempts by Congress to investigate.  The media accepted everything the Administration said.

That brings us to Benghazi.  Jay Carney, along with Barack Obama, Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton all blamed the attack on a spontaneous demonstration caused by a video.  Jay Carney said over and over that the talking points were compiled by the intelligence community and the White House only made one cosmetic change, one word.  When the hearings refuted this claim, and ABC News uncovered 12 full revisions, the White House media finally started demanding some honesty from the Administration.   The hearings disclosed the Administration pressured people with knowledge of the attack refrain from talking to any members of the Congressional oversight committees.  The Administration also refused to give clearance to the whistleblowers legal council before the hearings.  When Obama was asked about this, he said he didn’t know anything about it and would check into it.  Several days later at the hearing, nothing had changed.

Theres been a little game played between the media and the White House.  Carney would be asked a question and he would dance, skirt the issue and evade the question with a song and dance.  He wouldn’t lie, just evade the question.  The media, knowing what was happening, just went along.  Now, the White House has been caught in flat-out lies to the media.  They don’t like it.  Now they are asking the followup questions and demanding straight up answers.  This is something new for the White House.  Never have they been under scrutiny like this before. There is now a real problem with truth and trust between the media and the Obama Administration.


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