slide_250084_1514215_free[1]Next Wednesdays hearing should be interesting. So far, the Administration has been able to sidestep and deflect all the questions about the 9/11 attack. They have bombarded the Congressional committees with endless paper. The problem is they have refused to address the questions the committees have asked.

The questions can be broken down into three sections.  First, before the attack, Did or did not the embassy personnel request more security?  Who made the decision to reduce the security?  Who saw the request?  Why did  Ambassador Stevens travel to Benghazi?

Second, on 9/11, what was the communication between Benghazi and Washington?  Why wasn’t support sent?  Why were assets told to “stand down?”  Where was the President?  Who was in charge and giving orders in the White House?

Third, After the attack, why was United Nations Ambassador Rice sent out for the Sunday shows?  Why wasn’t Secretary of State Clinton the spokeswoman for the Administration?  Why was a Utube video listed as the cause of the attack when less than 300 hits were recorded?  Why did the Administration refuse to give Congress a list of the survivors?  Why did the Administration threaten Executive branch employees against speaking to Congress?  Why did the Administration say they had no knowledge of employees requesting legal representation when they had received two separate requests?

These are questions that need to be asked and answered before the committee gets to the whistleblowers.  The information that has slipped out has directly contradicted sworn testimony given in previous hearings.

I also question if this will ever become a scandal.  If CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN refuse to show highlights from the hearing, will anything happen?


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