The time has come for AmericObamaLaugh_zps522a2aa4[1]a to stand up and be counted.  Our lack of decision making has really started to hurt us.  Obama has spent most of his career voting “present” and that just doesn’t cut it as Commander-in-Chief.

Let’s begin with Syria.  Several years ago, when the civil war first started, the rebels were a moderate group that was favorable to the U.S.  They were begging for help to stop the mass murders of the Syrian people.  Obama refused to make a decision.  Now all the radical groups have moved in and taken control of the rebel groups.  If, at this time, we step in to help the rebels, we might end up  funding the radical Islamists and if Assad falls, the chemical weapons could end up being used against us.  If Obama was decisive two years ago, the moderate Syrians would still be in control.  Now, there is no easy answer.  Our choice now is to support Assad or factions of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Keystone Pipeline was proposed a year ago.   Canada discovered a large deposit of shale oil in southern Canada.  They proposed to the U.S. an opportunity to pipe the oil to our refineries for processing.  This would provide a large quantity of oil, which would be available to us in our continent.  It would greatly reduce our dependence on product from the Middle East.  Canada has been waiting for over a year for us to make a decision.  Their other option is to sell the oil to China.  Obama can’t make the decision to process this oil.

Benghazi happened eight months ago.  We still haven’t responded.  Obama says he is still gathering information.  What does this say to our enemies around the world?  Forget how our government bungled the events that night, forget how we bungled the aftermath with the video.  We haven’t taken action to bring the thugs to justice.  Our enemies around the world look at us and realize we will not respond.  This puts all Americans at risk around the world.

Dr. Shakil Afridi, the Pakistan doctor who worked for the C.I.A., is sentenced to 33 years hard labor for helping us locate OBL.  We are taking no steps to free this man.  What does this say to other American informants around the world?  When they realize we won’t protect them, how many do you think we will be able to enlist?  This will damage us for decades.

Obama has not been able to work with either house of Congress.  He has never learned the skill to negotiate and compromise to win his positions.  I remember when Rep. Paul Ryan wrote a buget for the House of Representatives.  Obama took Ryan to Georgetown where he was giving an economic speech.  Once there, Obama belittled Ryan and laid out all that stuff like Republicans want dirty air and water and wanted Grandma to die.  Then Obama doesn’t understand why Ryan won’t trust him again.

Obama’s actions, or lack of action, has reduced our respect around the world.  We are no longer considered the leader of the free world.  America has lost its might, and we are all in danger because of it.  Unfortunately, Obama can’t just vote “present” anymore.  That tactic doesn’t work in the real world.


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