Capital_Building-300x225[1]Now it’s time for the ugliness of the sequester to come to the surface.  During the first month life pretty much went along without a hitch.  No more.

Let’s review what the sequester is all about and how we got to where we are today.  The sequester was supposed to be so bad, so totally unacceptable to both sides, nobody would let it take place.  Obama originally proposed the sequester, it was understood it was a fall back position that would never be reached.  By agreeing to the sequester, the spending could continue so Government could continue for a few months.  That would give everyone time to pass meaningful legislation toward balancing the budget.

Obama proposed $85 billion in cuts per year, half from Defense, and half from the rest of the budget.  With Defense taking up 20% of the budget, these cuts would do a great amount of damage to defending our nation.  Lets be clear, every domestic cut in the spending leaves the domestic side spending more than they had last year.  Only in Washington could spending more than the year before be considered a cut.  That’s because in “Washington speak,” spending goes up at a rate higher than inflation and is considered even with the year before.  So the “cut” only reduces the amount of increase. This drastic cut equals about 2 cents on the dollar.

Obama felt he had the upper hand with the Republicans because of the huge defense cuts.  He refused to negotiate in good faith.  He traveled the country giving speeches about how the Republicans were cruel and mean to Americans.

The Republicans, after realizing Obama wouldn’t agree to reduced spending at any level, decided life under the sequester was better than unrestrained spending into the future.  The Republicans have proposed giving Obama the latitude to shift money around inside the various departments to reduce the pain inflicted on the citizens.  Obama refused.  He doesn’t want to make any decisions.  Obama thinks that if the cuts are as painful as possible, the country will demand the sequester be stopped and spending restored.

The budget Obama submitted to Congress called for increased spending on the domestic side with further reductions in the Defense budget.  He also proposed higher tax revenue.  Obama believes in a budget and spending that has no growth.  The only way one area can grow is by taking it from someone else.

Obama has cut the domestic spending by furloughing employees for several weeks to get to the reductions.  The problem with this solution is he is making no structural reduction so next year when another round of cuts come on top of the cuts this year, the cuts will be twice what was required this year.

Obama still hasn’t worked with the Republicans.  I don’t think he knows how.  In fact, Obama doesn’t work well with the Democrats either.   If you look at his background and history, you will notice Obama has never worked well with anyone.  He browbeats his opponents until he wins.  Never does he compromise.  I look at it a little differently.  I think Obama is like a quarterback, who at the end of the game, doesn’t want the ball.


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