bp1The terror attack in Boston yesterday killed three and wounded 176.  Two died immediately, and only one died later in a hospital.  There was naturally a lot of confusion on the scene.

This attack was carried out by cowards who seek their aim of killing and hurting innocent Americans.  We must and will find these people and take appropriate action.

In many respects, this was one of America’s greatest hours.  Many lives were saved by heroic actions by average citizens, people not trained in medicine or police work.  Americans responded to the injured immediately,without anyone directing their efforts.

Our medical institutions, having this situation dumped upon them, responded in a terrific way.  Only one person, out of 177 that flooded the hospitals died.  All the rest were saved even though many were admitted in critical condition.

Our medical system showed why it is the best in the world.  Why this administration wants to dismantle it is beyond logic.

The Administration is in a quandary.  Unlike Fort Hood, this can not be claimed to be workplace violence.  Obama has no choice but to label this a terrorist attack.  He did finally use the word “terrorist” this morning for the first time.  It is way too early in the investigation to answer the many questions that are sure to arise.

Are the terrorists home-grown or foreign nationals?  Early reports were that a Saudi national had been detained.  No one in authority has claimed he is guilty of anything, but they had reason to question him.  They have now moved away from him as a suspect.

If it turns out the attack was carried out by foreigners, how did they get into the country?  Did they over stay a visa or did they enter through Mexico?  Where did they get the materials in the bomb?  Who financed their actions?

Some in the left-wing media said a right-wing domestic group might be responsible.  Why not a left-wing group?  After all, Bill Ayers admitted making bombs in the past.

The bombs were made of pressure cookers packed with explosives and steel, glass, and other stuff to rip flesh.  This is the same bombs used against us in our current wars against al Quaida.

The Feds are asking for help.  Right now, they don’t have any leads.  For the first time, no one is taking credit for this attack.  Usually, they claim credit, we go in and bomb the place back to the stone age, and life goes on.  Could the terrorists be getting smarter or is it a new group?

Denny Hoyer, the Minority Whip, blamed the success of the attack on the Republicans.  He said that because of the sequester our intellegence has suffered.

The Boston officials deserve our praise in the early going.  Same can be said for the medical people involved.  Lets hope the federal people will deserve our praise as well.


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