The government wanting more and more authority but refusing to accept responsibility.

Politicians who think they can run my life better than I can.

Using our kids to promote a political objective.

Getting taped messages saying there is nothing wrong with my credit card account.

Schools refusing to let a child take an aspirin, but give out birth control without parental approval.

Government deciding what size soft drink adults can buy.

Actors who think because they make a lot of money, are experts on all social issues and people care what they think.

Obama claiming the southern border is secure.

The government telling me what insurance I can buy.

Actors peddling on TV reverse mortgages which they would never buy.

Government telling me I can’t carry a gun to protect myself in the big cities, but the police aren’t around to protect me.

The schools stopping the kids from praying, but teach them all about homosexuality.

Press 1 for English.

Schools not teaching the Constitution or our history.

Government imposing social policy through the tax system.

Obama playing golf every week when there are so many problems he doesn’t have time to solve.

Obama and family jet setting around the world, when the citizens income has declined every year he’s been in office.

The Congress allowing the Benghazi attack to go unanswered.

Lightbulbs that don’t light enough.

Our President saying “I’m sorry” to the world for what this country stands for.

Our President becoming an Emperor.

Toilets that don’t flush.

Our government getting bigger and bigger while the private sector struggles to pay for it.

Our government doing all they can to end the Constitution.

The government destroying free elections.

Obama promoting racial hatred.

Kids who don’t know the Pledge of Allegiance.

Government punishing people for being successful.

Kids who can’t give proper change without a calculator.

Vets who are told they can’t own a gun because of their service.

Kids whose pants are always falling down.

Parents who let their kids run wild.

People who can’t speak proper English.

Phone customer service techs from Pakistan.

Government trying to run private businesses through regulations.

Healthcare law that was passed two yrs. ago and we must abide by, but still isn’t written.

A President this year, that has taken more hours of vacation than many (7.8%) Americans have worked.

A media that doesn’t cover any Administration mis-steps.


5 responses to “THINGS I DON’T LIKE

  1. Just re-read this and its still awesome. Can I request another edition of “Things I don’t like”. You should make this an annual segment on your blog!

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