north_korea_myanmar_two_nations_emerge_11931787_custom-8242bad3badbddd02f4c129cff433e1e341e16f8-s6-c10[1]North Korea has become the latest “hot spot” demonstrating Obama’s lack of leadership in the world.  When the U.S. is perceived as weak, we are challenged by outside countries.  Kennedy had the missile crisis, Carter had the hostage crisis.  Obama has Iran, Pakistan with the arrest of Dr. Afridi, and North Korea.

The punk running North Korea today doesn’t have the negotiating ability of his father, or the experience to lead the country.  Kim Jong-un received four stars from his father two years ago, giving his son the military credentials to be the future leader.

This twenty something kid is still trying to solidify his power.  As long as he continues to feed the military he should be able to keep their loyalty, but one show of weakness on his part could cause the military to remove him.

Lets look at the recent history of this situation.  Last month, the U.N. agreed to increase sanctions against North Korea because of their nuclear activities.  North Korea responds by cancelled peace accords with South Korea.

The United States begins military training exercises with South Korea.  North Korea responds by closing a hotline between Pyongyang and Seoul.

On March 21, Kim Jong-un threatens to use nuclear weapons against the U.S. and its allies.

Five days later, North Korea puts its military on combat ready status.  Says its missiles are aimed at U.S. targets.

March 28, North Korea cuts its military hotline with South Korea.  This is the last communication network with South Korea.

The next day, Kim Jong-un declares North Korea has begun to prepare rockets to be fired against the U.S. mainland and our interests.

March 30, Kim Jong-un declares a “state of war” against South Korea, and warned the U.S. that they will respond to any U.S. action.

March 31, Kim Jong-un announced his nuclear weapons were not a bargaining chip and he would increase the amount and quality of the nuclear material for their weapons program.  The U.S. contacted both Russia and China for help in reining in the North Koreans.

April 2, the U.S. sends military assets off the coast of North Korea.  North Korea said they plan to restart a nuclear reactor which was halted under an earlier agreement.

April 3, North Korea closes access to the Kaesong joint industrial complex, which lies several miles inside North Korea.  This complex has been run jointly by both countries.

Two days later, North Korea moves a missile to the coast.  This missile is thought to be a medium range missile capable of hitting U.S. interests.  Since then they have moved a second missile into a coastal position.

Kim Jong-un is young and inexperienced.  His father would rattle the sabers until he received concessions from a gullible west.  Then he would find a way to back off, reducing tensions until he needed something else from us.  The son, still trying to solidify his power, might have difficulty backing down.

South Korea is tired of stepping back from the north.  They are constantly asked to refrain from the north’s aggression.  They might not stop from taking action the next time they are threatened.  North Korea shelled their island several years ago.  International pressure prevented them from striking back at that time.

China does not want a war between the two Koreas.  The end result would be a unification, and the power of the north would be swept away.  But China still supports the north with military equipment, and technological assistance.  Their influence seems limited with the young kid.

If the U.S. was projecting strength we wouldn’t be facing this situation.  Obama traveling the world, apologizing to our enemies has projected weakness and developed a void in world leadership.  And we are still cutting our military strength in this troubled time.

Information in this post was supplied by SBS World News  the New York Times and ABC News.


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