imagesObama visited Israel for the first time since he became President in 2009.  He proposed a two state solution.  Same as had been proposed at least twice in the last twenty years.  Obama acted as though this was his original thought.  If he would have known his history, he might have understood this.  Israel has to protect the interior of their nation from homemade missles fired daily into the country.

The Palestinians have no interest in setting up an independent state next to Israel.  They have proclaimed their hatred for the Jewish State since it was created in 1948.  I don’t understand how a permanent peace can be created when one side claims they won’t stop until the other side is wiped out.

I can understand why the Palestinians developed their attitude.  I am not siding with the Palestinians, I just understand their feelings.  Let’s assume today the U.N. ruled the U.S. killed thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the last 30 years.  The U.N. decides to set up a country for the Muslims, upper New York State.  After a few battles between the rest of the U.S. and the new Muslim country, New York City comes under the control of the Muslims.  Does anyone really think the U.S. would stop until we had NYC back?  Now substitute in Israel and Jerusalem.

Obama still doesn’t understand the area or the players. I can see why he hasn’t been there since first being elected.  He also hasn’t done his homework before making this trip.  It is a difficult problem that hasn’t been solved in six decades.  It still hasn’t.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Likud Party Leader and Prime Minister, hosted Obama during his visit.  Obama dropped his demand for Israel to stop development in the West Bank.  The meetings between the two leaders was successful.  Both had a vested interest to repair relations between the two nations.

Iran is the major problem facing both men.  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government will have to be stopped from developing their nuclear weapons with force.  Time is running out before action will have to be taken.  Obama and Netanyahu are forced to play nice with each other.  Israel is the likely military force to remove the nuclear threat.  They need U.S. assistance to be able to fly into Iran for the strike.

It seems Obama sides with the Muslims at every opportunity.  He still thinks we can negotiate with terrorists who dedicate their lives to our destruction.  His answer is to apologize for America’s success.

Netanyahu is surrounded by 24 nations that would like to see Israel driven into the sea.  The first war Israel loses will be the end of the nation.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise Israel was not pleased to hear Obama require Israel surrender the land taken during the various wars.  The fact that Obama has backed off on some of his demands on Israel shows that someone in the administration has read something about the history of the area.

Hopefully, these two men are now on the same page.


2 responses to “OBAMA TRIP

  1. RRF:

    I doubt there will ever be Mid-East piece in our life time. So many young, un-employed Middle Easterners…giving them a rock and telling them to yell -against- Israel gives these under -30- yr olds something to do in their day! Hmmmmm/ CAH

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