obama-44th-presidentThe Obama Administration has been in office for four years now so it is time to do an evaluation of his performance. We have a lot of history to look at.

Obama has been one of the most effective Chief Executives in the history of the country. Let’s take things one issue at a time.

The President believes in finite money. He doesn’t believe that an expanding economy creates wealth. So his policy is to redistribute the existing wealth as the only way to help the less fortunate. He has done this very well. Higher taxes on the top producers in our society and increased regulations that retard the ability of the wealthy to continue to amass more wealth fits his agenda.

Obama has the government taking an ever larger amount in taxes so the government can decide who gets what in our society. His belief that government knows best so government should control the economy (and all areas of life). The President has been very successful in this pursuit. Look at how he has taken over control of our healthcare system. Before the decade is over we will all be in the government system. The private insurance industry will be a memory.

Obama doesn’t believe in our form of government with a Congress that passes laws and exercises oversight of the Executive Branch departments. One of his first acts was to appoint Czars, who do not report tp Congress and are accountable only to him. He gave these new chiefdoms the power usually reserved for the Cabinet. This means he can run the federal government without any checks and balances. Obama continues to blame George W. Bush for every poor result, while taking credit for any success.

Obama doesn’t have an economic background, so he doesn’t have a clue on how the economy works.  He has no understanding of how an economy grows and expands.  He has no knowledge of how to raise everyone up without taking from the most successful first.  His economic results show this.  This is the longest slow growth period in our history with the exception of the “Great Depression.”

Our chief executive is the most secretive President in history.  From his lack of a birth certificate, no school records, we see a man who really doesn’t exist.  This should have warned us that his presidency would work the same way.  His Cabinet has refused or stalled at every inquiry from the Congress.  The Administration has made Congressional oversight a mockery. It is very difficult for anyone to understand what this man really thinks. While in the Illinois Legislature Obama voted “present” on every controversal piece of legislation. Obama voted “present” or missed the votes on many pieces of legislation while in the U.S. Senate. From the day he was sworn into the Senate, he started running for President and abandoned his elective responsibilities.

From Benghazi, Iranian nuclear progress, and the war against radical Islamists Obama has shown he is not up to the job. He reminds me of the little kid who got caught eating candy. The dog did it. We have a President who refuses to take responsibility for anything. If we take him at his word, then everyone else is running things…. not the President. We are now 7 months since the Benghazi deaths. The President still hasn’t taken steps to find the killers or answered the vital questions that the country needs.

Obama is considered weak by our foreign friends and foes alike. When the U.S. is considered weak around the world, that is the time we are challenged. Of course, Obama doesn’t want the U.S. to be a world leader anymore. He wants us to be one of many nations when it comes to making world-wide decisions.

One major problem facing the country is Obama’s failure to make a decision. From failing to take action to find the Benghazi terrorists to making a decision on Iran’s nuclear weapons, Obama has been indecisive. Canada has been waiting over a year for the Americans to decide if they will build the Keystone pipeline. That oil may go to China because we can’t decide.

My biggest worry about the Administration is the purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. They aren’t going to the military, but instead are going to Homeland Security and agency’s such as the National Weather Service. Could this President actually be planning to install martial law? Why else would our government purchase these weapons for use by domestic agency’s? Is Obama trying to become a dictator? Will our military let the President suspend the Constitution?  Only time will tell.


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