Volume 13, Issue 02-14: Tax Increases

Let me state upfront, I favor tax increases. There, I’ve said it.

We have half the population paying no tax to the Federal Government, nothing at all. It is time for this to stop. If we took half of the people who pay no tax, the top half, and put them back on the rolls, then I believe the country would start to straighten out. If these people started paying a small amount, say $200 per year, then they will start paying attention to what Washington spends their money on. They will have a vested interest in America again.

This is the only way I see us fixing the country. If the middle class has to pay more in order to dip into the non-payers, then so be it. It’s not like the economy is going to get any better in the next four years. (More on that later.) Having these people rejoining the taxpaying group will also give them personal pride, a self worth now missing from their lives.


Obama came up with the sequester idea to stop Republicans from forcing budget cuts on the Administration. He knew the G.O.P. would not let the military budget be cut. Obama came up with the sequester idea in July, 2011. In August of 211, he gave a speech where he stated he would veto any attempt to bypass the sequester. He felt he had the Republicans on the run and he was twisting the knife.

Now Obama realizes the Republicans would rather have the sequester than negotiating a retreat from cutting spending. Obama has now done an about face and is giving speeches on how devastating the sequester will be. The new plan is to make the sequester as painful as possible for the country and blame the Republicans.

Obama states things like border security, disaster relief, cutting the Navy by removing an aircraft carrier from the Middle East, cutting 800,000 civilian jobs from the Defense Department, cutting the employees from processing Social Security and Medicare just to name a few.

Nowhere is there talk about cutting funding for treadmills for shrimp, spending money on the arts for things like pee in a bottle with a cross in it, etc.

Look, let’s get real. These terrible cuts total $85 Billion a year. Congress just passed a bill to spend over $50 Billion for storm cleanup in New Jersey and New York. Now they are wringing their hands over these cuts. It’s like losing a dime down a kitchen drain.

Every year we pay more and more interest on our debt. Soon the interest payments will freeze out all the other spending. We need to be in crisis mode. Why doesn’t anyone in this Administration understand this?


Chuck Hagel did such a poor job at his confirmation hearing to be Secretary of De- fense that even Democrats are questioning his ability to do the job. This former Republican Senator showed up unprepared to handle the questions asked. He likes Iran and the radical Islamists and dislikes Israel. He has no grasp of the issues facing this country overseas. Worse, he has no managerial experience. Hagel showed he would be severely challenged running a department the size of Defense. 15 Senators have asked Obama to withdraw the nomination. This guy will be a disaster running the Defense Department. At a time with the pressures we face around the world, Hagel is way over his head in this job. Obama would be well served to replace him immediately.

I understand the Administration wants a weak Secretary so Obama will be able to cut our defenses without any major fight from the department. The President may agree with his nominee on the issues but enough is enough.


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